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I am Tianca Breedlove aka Lady Tee, an honored descendant of Sarah Breedlove historically known as "Madam C.J. Walker".  I have committed myself to making all natural hair care products; and helping those who suffer with hair loss.


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In 2012 while attending Regency Beauty Institute of Maryland, owner and creator Tianca Breedlove was surprised to learn that the scalp absorbs everything as it is a living organ. This includes absorbing the harsh chemicals found in most hair care products.

Ms. Breedlove, then had a vision to create hair care products with all natural ingredients.

Shortly after graduation she married and started a family. Allowing that vision to fade.

In 2020 after giving birth to her third child Ms. Breedlove experienced hair loss due to postpartum and stress. In a very vivid dream, she was told to "start where you are and use what you have" she was given specific ingredients in the dream to use for hair growth. All of which she already had in her home.

The combination of oils proved to properly nourish and regrow her hair within weeks!! Thus she began to promote and sell what is now known as Scalp and Hair Food Oil. After customers achieved desired results they began requesting other products to be created; which will be available in the near future.

Our mission is to help you naturally obtain and keep your hair healthy. We thank you for allowing It's In The Roots to be apart of your healthy hair care journey!

Proverbs 3:5-6 KJV

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